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THE PRODIGY (Il prodigio)

The Pioneer

The Prodigy is the ultimate modern bass pickup for any type of player or music style. Under the etched cover you have an humbucker powered by Neodymium magnets, with two poles for each string and one big split overwound bobbin. Responsive, dynamic, beautifully compressed expecially in the low end, free from the noise coming from the fingers and shielded from the inside to the ending cable. The string spacing is the maximum possible so the pickup can be used on both regular and multiscale instruments. The available formats are: Soapbar 4/5/6, Jazz 4/5, Precision 4. The neck and the bridge have the same DC reading but are designed to compensate the different string vibration in the two position. The set adapt well to both 500KΩ and 250KΩ potentiometers so you only have to decide if you need a roaring modern tone or a mellow vintage one. Icing on the cake, the inside is filled with resin to make it rock solid and resistent over centuries of use.





DC Resistance:

Soapbar 4 strings - 11 kΩ

Soapbar 5 strings - 10,7 kΩ

Soapbar ​6 strings - ?? kΩ

Jazz 4 strings - 13 kΩ

Jazz 5 strings - ?? kΩ

Precision 4 strings - 11 kΩ